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    WFSGT01 – WizFloor 7mm Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles – Textured

    Create your ideal garage or home workshop space with the WizFloor garage tile range. The WizFloor 7mm thick interlocking garage floor tiles have the added benefit of a interlocking joint profile which can be locked firmly together in a matter of seconds and secured using only a rubber mallet.

    A complete floor can be laid quickly and easily with minimal floor preparation, no required for adhesives and minimal disruption to daily work activities saving both time and money.

    These tiles are a long term and cost effective flooring solution for areas subject to heavy foot traffic and vehicles. The surface texture is anti slip and comfortable to stand, making these tiles the ideal choice for garages, gyms and other spaces in your home.

    Construction: 7mm thick injection moulded PVC with a choice of 2 surface textures.


    Black  Dark Grey  Light Grey

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    Standard Material (PVC)

    Weight (kg)

    Polyvinyl Chloride

    2.5 kg / tile

    Tile Dimensions 500mm²
    BS EN 428 Thickness 7 ± 0.5
    BS EN 425 Castor Chair Suitability
    BS EN 13893 Slip Resistance (class) DS
    DIN 51130 German Standard Slip Resistance R10

    Ramps & Corners

    WizFloor tile accessories include edge ramps and corner pieces which simply click onto the interlocking tiles.

    These items compensate for the difference in floor height due to the thickness of the tiles, reducing trip hazards and aiding the movement of wheeled traffic.

    Ideal for entrance points or for creating stand alone mats.

    Available in all standard colours.


    For use at entrance points and areas subject to wheel traffic, to aid vehicular movement and reduce trip hazards.


    Each ramp piece measures 514mm x 77mm.
    Each corner piece measures 593mm x 77mm.

    Custom Logo Tiles

    Depending on your preference, we can use a hard wearing printing technique or industrial cutting machine to create any corporate design, photographic image, advertising or warning messages onto individual WizFloor tiles or over any number of tiles with no limit to size. The images are then protected using the factory applied Stainproof coating if printed for added protection and durability.

    The printed tiles or cut and inserted tiles can be incorporated into the standard WizFloor tiles, for use in entrances or to demarcate hazards.

    If using the cut method for creating the logo tiles, the colours are restricted to the following: Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Green, Blue, Sapphire Blue, Red, Maroon, Yellow, Beige and White.

    Contact us for further information or to discuss your exact floor sign requirements.

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